Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here's my dog statue all painted on a base with props:
 And here's another school project - a diorama that is meant to encourage people to visit the ROM:
And yet again another school project - an illustration for a children book - princess and the pea (so far I only have 3 pages in colour but I intend to do more):

And my last project for this semester, done for editorial class - "Apple" (as in the company, not the fruit) - overpriced, it was meant to be done as a "Newsweek" cover:
And a few characters and backgrounds for another class - we're working on concept art for Peter Pan:
Tiger Lilly:
 More Tiger Lilly:
 And the Native island, we (it's a group project) ended up going with a different idea for the island and for the characters, but these were lots of fun to work on:
And an earlier project for the same class - we had to do a cover inspired by the Dresden Doll's "Coin Operated Boy" song and this is my take on it - designed for a children book: