Sunday, September 12, 2010

My work so far...

Digital sketch in black and white and 
then playing with some filters and hue and saturation-
Digital sketch- Photoshop

Anatomy study of pelvis and skulls - pencil

Life drawing - proportions study - pencil

Still life - pencil

Still life - quill pen and ink

Digital painting - caricature - Photoshop

Digital painting- Photoshop

Digital painting - Photoshop

Digital painting - detail - Photoshop

Digital painting - caricature - Photoshop

Artist style imitation - The Mona Lise done in the 
Red Nose Studio Style - Polymer clay, fabric and acrylic paint.


Digital painting - imitation of an artist style - 
Nursery rhyme in the style of Von Glitschka- illustrator
Digital painting - Illustrator

Wine label redesign - Gatto Negro - concept 
- digital - illustrator and Photoshop

H1N1 campaign - concept - 
character design - digital - illustrator and Photoshop

Anthromorphization - ball point pen and watercolour.

Alice in Wonderland - digital collage

Mono printing - Artist book concepts - ink and chalk.

Digital photo tracing - illustrator

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