Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here's my dog statue all painted on a base with props:
 And here's another school project - a diorama that is meant to encourage people to visit the ROM:
And yet again another school project - an illustration for a children book - princess and the pea (so far I only have 3 pages in colour but I intend to do more):

And my last project for this semester, done for editorial class - "Apple" (as in the company, not the fruit) - overpriced, it was meant to be done as a "Newsweek" cover:
And a few characters and backgrounds for another class - we're working on concept art for Peter Pan:
Tiger Lilly:
 More Tiger Lilly:
 And the Native island, we (it's a group project) ended up going with a different idea for the island and for the characters, but these were lots of fun to work on:
And an earlier project for the same class - we had to do a cover inspired by the Dresden Doll's "Coin Operated Boy" song and this is my take on it - designed for a children book:

Monday, November 22, 2010

Some of my latest work - A dog sculpture for one of my classes:

An editorial cartoon done for my editorial illustration class:
And finally some concept art for my visual development class - 
This is a concept sketch for Wendy from Peter Pan:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Positive and negative caricatures of Angelina Jolie:

A children book cover inspired by the Dresden Dolls' "Coin Operated Boy":
(click to enlarge the picture and click here to see the video)

Some of the concept drawings on the theme: "the eye"
(there are 40 in total - these are my favorites) :

Monday, September 13, 2010

Completely Forgot About the Bear...

Digital - illustrator and Photoshop

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Miss Monster



Black and white painting in CS4 and some adjustments using the colour balance, hue and saturation and multiple layers set to different modes as well as some filters.

My work so far...

Digital sketch in black and white and 
then playing with some filters and hue and saturation-
Digital sketch- Photoshop

Anatomy study of pelvis and skulls - pencil

Life drawing - proportions study - pencil

Still life - pencil

Still life - quill pen and ink

Digital painting - caricature - Photoshop

Digital painting- Photoshop

Digital painting - Photoshop

Digital painting - detail - Photoshop

Digital painting - caricature - Photoshop

Artist style imitation - The Mona Lise done in the 
Red Nose Studio Style - Polymer clay, fabric and acrylic paint.


Digital painting - imitation of an artist style - 
Nursery rhyme in the style of Von Glitschka- illustrator
Digital painting - Illustrator

Wine label redesign - Gatto Negro - concept 
- digital - illustrator and Photoshop

H1N1 campaign - concept - 
character design - digital - illustrator and Photoshop

Anthromorphization - ball point pen and watercolour.

Alice in Wonderland - digital collage

Mono printing - Artist book concepts - ink and chalk.

Digital photo tracing - illustrator